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[35c151] (SERIES_2_2_10) by rtoy rtoy

Update release notes.

2008-10-27 14:34:17 Tree
[94f5d1] by rtoy rtoy

Support SCL. Just add scl conditionalizations where we have cmucl
ones, and convert uppercase symbols and symbol-names to use
symbol-name and uninterned symbols. This is to support scl's default
"modern" mode.

Changes from Stelian Ionescu.

2008-10-27 14:24:53 Tree
[81208c] by rtoy rtoy

Add support for ecl.

(From Stelian Ionescu.)

2008-10-27 14:19:23 Tree
[40e33a] by rtoy rtoy

Change default test for SCAN-ALIST to EQL instead of EQ.

2007-08-08 15:07:45 Tree
[a8de5a] by rtoy rtoy

o Update docstrings

o Correct the documentation for COLLECT-MAX and COLLECT-MIN.

2007-08-08 13:36:56 Tree
[d6e87b] by rtoy rtoy

o Update docstrings with more descriptive strings.

o Document SCAN-STREAM.

2007-08-08 03:42:43 Tree
[825a25] by rtoy rtoy

Make the #Z reader signal an error if we are trying to create an
infinite literal series. Series doesn't support that.

2007-07-31 21:14:11 Tree
[e58de8] by rtoy rtoy

Document SPREAD.

2007-07-17 15:10:49 Tree
[2e4891] by rtoy rtoy

o Add an optimizer for SERIES and update appropriately for the normal
path and the optimized path. This is needed so that (series t nil)
returns #z(t nil t nil ...) instead of #z(list t nil list t nil ...)

o Add two tests for SERIES. The tests need some work, but are based
on the errors reported by Szymon 'tichy' on comp.lang.lisp on Jul 7,

2007-07-10 17:45:46 Tree
[b5a6ff] by rtoy rtoy

Get rid of a warning message. Don't know why the warning is done at

2007-02-06 21:10:38 Tree
[12aa21] by rtoy rtoy

Lispworks wants an eval-when around coerce-maybe-fold. From Chris
Dean, 2005/12/09.

2005-12-13 14:40:30 Tree
[711127] (SERIES_2_2_9) by rtoy rtoy

Update notes.

2005-11-15 15:25:35 Tree
[6f4f40] by rtoy rtoy

Update version.

2005-11-15 15:08:49 Tree
[09c62f] by rtoy rtoy

ANSI CL says a declaration cannot also be the name of a type, so
remove the declaration for SERIES.

2005-11-15 15:07:57 Tree
[1100a2] (SERIES_2_2_8) by rtoy rtoy

Update notes.

2005-01-27 21:58:26 Tree
[5a6172] by rtoy rtoy

Fix for bug 434120.

o scan* should initialize the index to -1 instead of 0, to keep in
step with scan.

o Add test from the bug report.

2005-01-27 04:19:33 Tree
[0c17f7] by rtoy rtoy

Fix bug reported by Dirk Gerrits, series-users, 2005-01-16.

o ALTER was not handling some cases where the frag had multiple
ALTERABLE forms that matched the var. Adjust ALTER so that all
matching alterable forms are placed in the body. This only works
for optimized series. Unoptimized series still has the bug.

o Add :if-exists :supersede when opening files for output.
o Add a test for the ALTER bug reported by Dirk Gerrits.

2005-01-26 18:37:39 Tree
[fb27a4] by rtoy rtoy

Initial asdf for series.

2004-12-23 16:55:12 Tree
[9915e4] by rtoy rtoy

Apply fixes from Hannu Koivisto to support sbcl. Also added asdf
support. His comments:

* series.asd:
* Initial checkin.
* series.system:
* Removed logical pathname stuff and made this "self-sufficient", i.e. it is
sufficient to just load it; no need to edit pathname translations.
* Removed s-install from series system; we certainly don't want Series to
install itself to CL-USER whenever the system is compiled/loaded.

* s-test.lisp:
* Replaced all uses of defconstant with series::defconst-once.

* s-package.lisp:
* sb-cltl2 module is now required at compile time too.

* s-code.lisp:
* (defconst-once) New macro.
* Replaced all uses of defconstant with it.

* Installation instructions based on system definition files.
* Updated the list of contributors.
* Some cosmetic changes.

2004-12-15 17:18:59 Tree
[a80a00] by rtoy rtoy

From Alexey Dejneka:

o Add support for SBCL
o Import COMPILER-LET from SBCL.

2003-06-08 12:53:21 Tree
[2d2538] by rtoy rtoy

From Alexey Dejneka:

o Add support for SBCL
o Fix a missing initialization of temp.

2003-06-08 12:52:40 Tree
[beb5f5] by rtoy rtoy

Add support for CMUCL 18e which no longer has
pcl::walk-form-macroexpand. It's walker::macroexpand-all.

2003-01-21 20:12:40 Tree
[55d27a] (SERIES_2_2_7) by rtoy rtoy

Update notes for clisp macrolet code walker.

2002-12-12 04:30:22 Tree
[257f5c] by rtoy rtoy

Add another test. (Forgot exactly why this is here, but it's a good
test of the macrolet walker for Clisp.)

2002-12-12 04:28:50 Tree
[307fb5] by rtoy rtoy

Add support for a macrolet code-walker for Clisp.

2002-12-12 04:27:41 Tree
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