Realted to Readline and Read properties

  • varmag

    varmag - 2005-10-21

    Hai all
    When  I am using the Readline method of the serialPortnet library in my project I am getting the method not implemented exception.
    When i saw the source code the functions are not implemented in the serialport class.
    Please helpme

    • Mr ChriZ

      Mr ChriZ - 2005-10-23

      You'll have to use the methods below:->
      public int ReadByte()
      public int Read(byte[] buffer, int offset, int count)

      and then convert the bytes into characters,
      I'm not at development enviroment to test this
      but i think this works fine ->

      byte [] arrayOfBytes = //An Array of bytes;
      char[] arrayOfCharacters = arrayOfBytes;

      I've tended to use the library with events as opposed to reading a set amount of bytes.
      Hope you have some success.

    • varmag

      varmag - 2005-10-25

      Thank You  Mr. Chriz,

      Its working.

      I am new to .net not only .net for also the biggner in software development.

      I want  to learn the internals of .net i.e. I want to go through  the win32 api all the dll related stuff and system related stuff.

      please suggest me good books which will give me the basic knowledge of above things.

      Once Again Thanks for your help.

      • Mr ChriZ

        Mr ChriZ - 2005-10-25

        Your welcome.
        I'm not much of a book reader so I can't
        directly recommend any C# or .NET books.
        I know theres one called C# For Beginners which has a red cover that is supposed to be quite good.
        Generally the internets my favoured resource!

        C# Is a fantastic language in my opinion.
        Theorectically with .NET using win32 Api's is a last resort mesure.  Everything else is supposed to be already included.  With the case of Serial Comms they didn't get round to putting it in Version 1, so
        it will be in the next release of .NET with Version 2.
        Theres very few librarys around that work so i do my best to help out with this one!

        Any more problems feel free to drop me an email.


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