garbled display

  • handonit

    handonit - 2012-10-28

    Hi there, I have the 128x64 display.  I tried uploading your firmware using an mBed as an ISP programmer but this did not work.  I thought I had bricked the display but using a usbtiny programmer I was able to sucessfully load the firmware.
    Unfortunately now I only get garbage on the display when I send data to the serial connection.
    Regardless of whether I send "commands" or just text, I get seemingly random output.
    The splash screen works, showing the logo and if I send data during the splash then I get "115200" on the screen presumably meaning the default baud has been set.  But after that, I cant get any sense out of it.
    I am a bit of a newb with this stuff, and could do with some guidance.




  • handonit

    handonit - 2012-10-29

    Right, so, I figured out that the firmware was working ok, as I could modify it and write to the LCD fine.

    I then checked the mBed serial ports and they were working ok too.

    On playing with the source, I noticed the 1000ms delay on the splash screen, mine was on much longer than this.  So figured the clock speed was maybe different.

    So the fuses were set wrong, must have been overwritten by the spi ISP program which didn't work properly before.

    Set the low fuse to 0cFF and we are back on track!

    Thanks for the great firmware, cant wait to put it through its paces now!



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