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  • Jennifer Holt

    Jennifer Holt - 2010-07-19

    Welcome to Open Discussion

  • Allen P

    Allen P - 2011-03-07

    Noob here - what do I need to program the LCD-09351 Sparkfun 128x64? I would really like to use your firmware.

    BTW - O H

  • Jennifer Holt

    Jennifer Holt - 2011-03-09

    You will need some sort of programmer for AVR microcontrollers. There are several available online, as well as plans to build your own. I use a BusPirate with stk-500 firmware. You can get these from sparkfun.


    TAHAIC - 2011-04-24

    I posted this on SparkFun website so it's only fitting that I post it here as well. I have a Windows XP desktop computer.

    I bought my first Aurduino (UNO Eleven) with the LCD-09351 and backpack from SparkFun 2 days ago. I got the backpack on the LCD with the idea it would simplify the interface. I quickly came to the realisation that the rendering of this display was very slow and there was no flow control (e.g. Xon, Xoff) which ment I was going to run into trouble real quick with having to put delays in my code. Looking around I found SummoningDark's firmware at http://serialglcd.sourceforge.net/ and I wanted to try it but didn't know how to get the main.hex into the ATmega168. I finally worked it out and this is what I did:

    I built a simple programmer cable like this http://www.arduino.cc/en/Hacking/ParallelProgrammer except I used 100ohm resistors - just used stuff I had laying around. I connected the cable to the 6 pin ISP connection on the backpack as shown here http://www.evilmadscientist.com/article.php/avrtargetboards which is explained about a 1/3 of the way down on the page. I confirmed these connections with the pinouts from the manufactures datasheets which is on page 2 here http://www.atmel.com/dyn/resources/prod_documents/2545S.pdf . I downloaded and installed WinAVR from here http://sourceforge.net/projects/winavr/files/ . I changed the programmer options in SummoningDark's firmware makefile (in firmware\trunk folder) to direct parallel "dapa" which has the correct pin out for this programmer cable (i.e AVRDUDE_PROGRAMMER = dapa)and also changed the port to lpt1 (i.e. AVRDUDE_PORT = lpt1). I'll just mention here that programmer types are defined in the avrdude.conf file in WinAVR\bin folder. I then opened command prompt and changed directory to firmware\trunk folder and typed "make all" to recompile the main.hex file (WinAVR install adds its path to the system path variable so windows knows where make and avrdude is).

    With the LCD powered by the +5V from my Arduino (Arduino plugged into the USB) and the programmer cable connected to computers LPT1 I typed "make program" at the command prompt and avrdude proceded to flash the ATmega168 on the backpack. It said "verification error" and "safemode lfuse changed! Would you like this fuse to be changed back? y/n" I typed "n" and pressed enter…it did the same for hfuse and efuse and I said no to all three. I then flashed it again to check and it said fuses OK avrdude DONE. Thank You.

    My backpack works fine now! Thanks to SummoningDark's firmware …. awesome job! I would like to try and contribute to this firmware - I have a few ideas. I hope this helps someone…. as it took me the last 2 days to fgure all this stuff out. 

  • Glennouchet

    Glennouchet - 2011-06-11

    Hi everybody!

    You will in first scuse my poor langage, cause I'm french (nobody's perfect…).

    I come here because i bought a GLCD with sparkfun serial driver, since lcd seems to work, there are a lot of bugs in sparkfun's program, due to the read buffer, witch is written with security but read up to the top. And what about lines, with so bad algorythms…, no erasebloc function etc etc.

    I saw in the LCD's datasheet (not sparkfun adaptor) that there are char table allready implemented in it and why should we use an other char generator?

    Well… I'd like to upload a modified version of your script (my LCD is 160x128, the big one), but I didn't anderstood how to do. I have no LPT port, only USB ports and some arduino boards, one of them is an UNO with the DIL28 cheap, I could take away the ATmel cheap and use this board as USB programer?

    This would be helpfull for me, to write serial drivers with specifics functions in the ATmega168…

    Great work!

  • Glennouchet

    Glennouchet - 2011-06-12


    I build the arduino-ISP sheild, and connected it to the sparkfun (a long time soldering so small pin holes!) And avrdude recognized the ATmega168 fine. That's done.

    Now, I am going to try to change SummoningDark's code for the 160x128, hopping that I will anderstand it first.

    I will get you informed about how it works.

  • Mike

    Mike - 2012-01-10

    Could someone please help me to load this firmware onto the Sparkfun Graphic LCD serial backpack.

    I'm completely new to all of this.

    I've followed the instructions as per tahaic above, but I'm getting the following error from avrdude when trying to load the firmware.

    C:\Temp\serialGLCD1.62\firmware\trunk>make program
    avrdude -p atmega168 -P lpt1 -c dapa    -U flash:w:main.hex

    avrdude: AVR device initialized and ready to accept instructions

    Reading | ################################################## | 100% 0.00s

    avrdude: Device signature = 0x000102
    avrdude: Expected signature for ATMEGA168 is 1E 94 06
             Double check chip, or use -F to override this check.

    avrdude done.  Thank you.

    make: ***  Error 1

    Any help on this would be appreciated.


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