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new release 1.97.9

this is another 1.97.x-release and it provides enhancements, bug fixes, some new features, cleanups, and new displays / controllers:

- enhancements / bug-removal / changes
* testserdisp.c:
-> w/h info in test-pattern 'test' may now display up to 4 digits
-> new test patterns for displaying gradients:
'gradient': display four gradient bars (black to white / red / green / blue)
'gradient R', 'gradient G', 'gradient B': red/green/blue gradient
'gradient r', 'gradient g', 'gradient b': ditto, but different algorithm
* new options:
-> DSPAREAWIDTH, DSPAREAHEIGHT (both optional): user definable display area dimension
(used for calculating aspect ratio)
-> BRIGHTNESS (values: 0 (dark) to 100 (full brightness))
(for all displays/modules with support for 'CONTRAST')
* output device:
-> usb: additionally accept textual device names like "FTDI/DLP2232M" (additionally to "0x403/0x6010")
-> usb: support for protocol differentiation (e.g.: USB@SPI) added.
(better differentiation between 'connection types' and 'protocols' in code and messages,
removed 'USBSPI' as connection type ('USB@SPI' now to be used instead))
* serdisp_control.c:
-> additionally accept hexadecimal values for options (if starting with 0x or 0X)
-> support added for additional (optional) field 'mid_contrast':
(to be able to use a power function based calculation of the contrast values)
* serdisp_colour.c / serdisp_tools.c / serdisp_control.c:
-> added functions, support, and enhancements for colour depths 18 (RGB666), 24, and 32
-> bugfix for macro SD_CS_ISGREY()
* serdisp_tools.c:
-> support for calculating bounding boxes added (sdtools_calc_bbox())
-> support for simple libm-independend replacements for log(), exp(), and pow()... read more

Posted by Wolfgang Astleitner 2010-02-21

new release 1.97.8

this is another 1.97.x-release and it provides some enhancements, bug fixes, and new displays / controllers:

- enhancements / bug-removal / changes
* testserdisp.c: changed starting point of moving box in pattern #6
* bitbake file is now created automatically using PACKAGE_VERSION
* serdisp_control.c: serdisp_clear() is now customisable by the driver
(to be able to support 'clear' commands)
* testserdisp.c: new test pattern 'gshade' (draws a grey level pattern)
* testserdisp.c: new test pattern 'rgbtest' (draws a test pattern (RGB/CMYK) for colour displays)
* testserdisp.c: pattern 'p 6' now draws coloured bars in the background on colour displays
* testserdisp.c: commands 'sl' and 'sr' no longer crash on erraneous input
* testserdisp.c: pattern 'p 0' now draws coloured digits on colour displays
* serdisp_connect_usb.c: claiming of interface now immediately after usb_open()
* added conversion functions for internal/external represenation of contrast and rotation value... read more

Posted by Wolfgang Astleitner 2008-08-02

new release 1.97.7

this is another 1.97.x-release and it provides two new usb-displays and some bug-fixes and enhancements

- enhancements / bug-removal
* serdisp_connect_usb.c:
move interface-claiming part into separate function and do the claiming stuff not until the end
of SDCONNusb_open() - now alphacool usb-display works fine with solaris10 and init-problems seem
to be fixed
* serdisp_connect.h:
small hack for c++-based projects: hide label of field 'signals' in struct serdisp_CONN_s
(the library will/should always be compiled with gcc, so this hack shouldn't lead to any problems)
* fixed erraneous pinouts in PINOUTS (S1D15G10-based displays and PCF8511)... read more

Posted by Wolfgang Astleitner 2007-10-07

interim driver backport release 1.97.6

this is the second interim release providing some driver backports (from the current devel-version) and introducing OLED-support (three different OLEDs supported)

- fixed potential linking problem in src/Makefile (thanks to Bernhard Walle): is now linked against libusb (if --enable-libusb is set)

- enhancements / bug-removal
* serdisp_tools.c: corrected bug in sdtools_strncpy() when force-setting string termination
* serdisp_tools.c: sdtools_generic_get/setpixel() now capable of depth = {1,2,4,8,12,16}
* serdisp_tools.c: get/setpixel-routines for displays with horizontal bit-orders added
* serdisp_colour.c: colour routines added, support for handling of self emitting displays (eg. OLEDs)
* testserdisp.c: support for OLED-displays (inverse handling of default foreground/background colour)
* testserdisp.c: 'test' now displays a colour/greyscale test image if applicable.
to force a black/white test image, 'bwtest' should be used
to force a greyscale or colour test image, 'ctest' should be used... read more

Posted by Wolfgang Astleitner 2007-07-30

driver backport release 1.97.5

due to some requests i backported some drivers from the current devel-version

- adapted some driver specs to current devel version
(following to this all serdisp_specific_*.h were now obsolete and have been removed)

backported drivers/enhancements:
* lh155-based displays (eg. Sharp M078CKA 240x64) - only 8080-mode supported for now
* E08552 96x32 1bit (controller SED1530)
* enhanced t6963-driver:
-> includes support for parallel-to-serial converters found in some t6963c-based display modules
-> support for switchable background light (RD-signal no longer available thus ready-check no longer available when
using this mode!)
* slightly fastened sed133x-driver: improved clock-cycles from 4 to 3 steps

Posted by Wolfgang Astleitner 2007-03-08

Interim bugfix release 1.97.4

yet another tiny release before the big release of the next version.

* fixed error in ctinclud-display drawing routine
* fixed missing bracketings in defines in serdisp_messages.h
* fixed erranous library-name generation ( instead of

Posted by Wolfgang Astleitner 2007-02-22

Interim bugfix release 1.97.3

a tiny release before the big release of the next version.

* a nasty bug in n3510i-driver (somewhen reported in the patches-section but some fell into it so i decided to release this interim version)
* some corrections in the serdisplib.spec-file

Posted by Wolfgang Astleitner 2007-02-15