Gool - 2006-11-14

Hello, is it possible to map serial port to telnet host:port?
Lets say, I have Gnokii with GSM modem on PC1 port /dev/ttyS1.
I want:
1) transfer GSM modem to PC2 port /dev/ttyS1 (no problem)
2) install on PC2 ser2net (or another) to map ttyS1 to telnet (no problem)
2.1)Now I can access trough telnet GSM modem ( from TCP/IP network trough telnet protocol-all is OK.
3) I want run Gnokii on PC1 ( and connect to GSM modem on telnet (Its problem for me-I dont know how to redirect PC1 /dev/ttyS1 (from Gnokii config file) to telnet (PC2))

Is it possible?