Niclas Hallgren - 2007-06-07

Hi, I have played around with ser2net for awhile. Its a really great application but I havn't got it to work as I think it should. Is it possible to:
a) have more than one TCP connection to the same port?
b) have multiple ports assigned to the same device?

my ser2net.conf looks like this:
8140:raw:5:/dev/ttyS0:9600 NONE 1STOPBIT 8DATABITS
8141:raw:5:/dev/ttyS0:9600 NONE 1STOPBIT 8DATABITS

when I connect to 8140 (with a simple perl script) everything works but if I try to connect to 8141 at the same time I get noting from that port

I have a GPS connected to ttyS0 that I want to share.

Thanks in advance