• Deniz Koellhofer


    I'm keen on using this toolset in-place of the no longer supported SRF options in the Illumina GAPipeline software. I've only had a quick play around with the latest SVN revision and saw that the tools are currently not recommended for production. Do you have a rough idea when a stable release will be coming?

    I'm interested in creating SRF files from Illumina sequencing files, including the intensities and noise information - will illumina2srf be able to deal with RTA's CIF and NIF files?


  • Rob Davies

    Rob Davies - 2009-12-02


    As long as nothing else crops up, I should be able to upload a release tarball in the next couple of days.  You should be able to use that to make an illumina2srf that can handle the latest versions of the Illumina pipeline, including RTA.  After that, I will update it as necessary when new versions of the pipeline come out.



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