Rob Davies - 2010-02-04

I have uploaded version 2.1.0 of the sequenceread package.  By popular demand, this restores the -N/-n options to illumina2srf so that it is possible to change the read name format.  Other new options for illumina2srf are -pos/-no_pos, which turn storage of spot position information on or off (the default is off).  Byte swapping code has also been added, so .cif files should now work properly on big-endian platforms (i.e. sparc and powerpc).

This version also includes a new program, srf_split_by_tag.  When it reads an srf file containing reads that have been tagged with sequence bar codes, it will sort the reads by tag name into a set of output files so that all the reads in a single output file have the same tag.  This is useful when building submissions to the sequence archives.