Rob Davies - 2010-08-20

Version 2.1.2 of the sequenceread package has been uploaded.  This version fixes a bug in srf_split_by_tag which caused an assertion failure if the tag name included a '/' character.  It also adds a couple of new options to srf_split_by_tag.

The -s option allows you to change the character in the output file name that is put before the tag name from the default underscore.

The -e option takes a comma-separated list of tag names.  If this is present then only reads with tags in the list will be split out.  The rest will be treated as if they were untagged.  This is useful if only a few tags out of the set searched for were actually used in a run.  Any hits to the unused tags (which will probably be false positives due to base calling errors) will be grouped in with the ones where the tag could not be decoded, leaving just the reads that you want in their own files.