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The Beta version (2014-01-21) is pretty kludgy. But it works on my example project.

Example Requirements

Please do download my example project: RaddMaths project. There you will find two out of twenty chapters of my textbook. Plus the auxiliary files needed by seppdflatex.

The script seppdflatex works on a whole directory of LaTeX source files, and I've used a Makefile as well. But crucially, your project will need a special "-toc" source document, which has a filename something of the form,


where "<master>.tex" will be your main LaTeX file with the main preamble and the main \includeonly{...} command. But you will also need to create a special file


with the generic preamble that you need to format your main PDF file as well as the Table of Conents, since seppdflatex acts by compiling the TOC and Titlepage as a spearate PDF document. So this needs the same headers. SO you gatehr all your esnetial headers in this "headers_essential.tex" file.


I've uploaded a few files from my RaddMaths project (a radical school textbook for mathematics teaching and student perusal, which throws out most conventional pedagogy and just gives kids loads of puzzles to think about, but in a structured format. (I think it's a cool project. It's turned me into more of a writer than a physicists, but so what? It's beautiful.)

The 10 files in latex examples will help get you started. (Start your own mathematics textbook from them if you like.) :-)

These are really essential, along with the script seppdflatex itself, to get you started. Especially if you are a LaTeX novice. Just follow those example files and edit your own content, and it should all work fine. (Yeah right!)


seppdflatex is a small perl script which automates some of the work needed to compile a very large LaTeX document and split it into separate PDF chapter files. A Frontspiece (titlepage, TOC, LOT, LOF) is built which has content lines hyperlinked to open the appropriate external PDF file.

It requires a single


command for including LaTeX source markup. You can then use the \includeonly line to build partial projects when editing single chapters. But when you are ready to compile the entire book this script will give you nice and small output files so you do not have to open up the entire book as a single PDF.

The intended use is for a book of many chapters and perhaps over a thousand pages with vast numbers of image inserts.


Everything you need is in the script itself in POD documentation format. Also, it is repeated in the README.txt file. The HTML Documentation is here: poddoc seppdflatex.html


Copyright (c) 2014, Bijou M. Smith.

seppdflatex uses free software. It is GPL licensed. GPL.v3

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