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Update to newer version of SmallEiffel soon?

I'm planning to update everything to newer versions of SmallEiffel as soon as I have time. I'm sorry I have been working on too many projects for the past few months and there hasn't been time to keep up with everything.

Posted by J. Scott Edwards 2001-11-09

Thomas Aglassinger's External C interface

I have put Thomas Aglassinger's External C Interface code in the package "External C". I'm not sure exactly which versions of SmallEiffel it is compatible with, but I believe it is compatible with more recent versions like the -0.74 Betas. There are also some problems with it, see the release notes for more information.

Posted by J. Scott Edwards 2001-11-09

Release 1.7 - Integer formatting

SmallEiffelPlus Release 1.7 - Added formatting for integers that allows, left or right justify, zero or space fill, a space or plus sign to be added to positive numbers, comma, period or underscore to separate groups of 3 or 4 characters, and printing in any base from 2 to 16.

Posted by J. Scott Edwards 2001-03-24

Release 1.6

As was suggested by Mike Durian, I have changed it so there is a compiled in default path which it uses if the environment variable is not set.

Posted by J. Scott Edwards 2001-03-09

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