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GNOME Sensors Applet Version 3.0.0 Released

This is the first release of GNOME Sensors Applet to support GNOME 3. This release also includes a new mbmon plugin and additional sensor types for the nvidia plugin, and a general cleanup of the code base.

Posted by Alex Murray 2011-11-05

GNOME Sensors Applet Version 2.2.4 Released

This is a quick release to fix Ubuntu bug #249955 'Changing temperature unit converts fan limits'

Posted by Alex Murray 2009-04-21

GNOME Sensors Applet Version 2.2.2 Released

Highlights of this release:

  • First release from new git repo at
  • Work-around and hence fix a memory leak in libsensors
  • Add support for multiple GPUs with the NVIDIA plugin
  • Add plugin to monitor fan speed on eeepc
  • Minor updates
Posted by Alex Murray 2009-03-08

GNOME Sensors Applet Version 2.2.1 Released

Quick release to fix bug in libsensors4 plugin [ 1858005 ] segfault on startup

It seems that unfortunately the sourceforge upload server is down, so I am posting this on the project homepage, and will do the official upload once the server is working again. In the meantime you can get it from here:

Posted by Anonymous 2007-12-26

GNOME Sensors Applet Version 2.2.0 Released

This is the first stable release of GNOME Sensors Applet to contain the new plugin system, where all interface specific code are contained in separate dynamically loadable modules. This allows 3rd-party plugins to be built against, and used with GNOME Sensors Applet. This also allows runtime memory to be reduced, since only those plugins which are supported by the system are kept in memory.

This release also fixes a number of smaller bugs, please see the ChangeLog for full details.

Posted by Anonymous 2007-12-23

GNOME Sensors Applet Version 1.7.8 Released

GNOME Sensors Applet Version 1.7.8 Released

This release contains an updated German translation
as well as a number of minor bug-fixes.

Posted by Anonymous 2006-08-23

GNOME Sensors Applet Version 1.7.6 Released

GNOME Sensors Applet Version 1.7.6

This is a bug fix release, to fix a number of 'crashers' in previous versions. Please upgrade.

Posted by Anonymous 2006-08-07

GNOME Sensors Applet Version 1.7.1 Released

GNOME Sensors Applet 1.7.1 Released

Major highlights include:

  • The addition of a graph display for sensors (similar to the System Monitor applet)
  • Redesign of preferences to fit in more with existing GNOME applets
  • Addition of stock icons to allow the current icon theme to set the device icons
  • Includes a bug fix for libsensors interface in 1.7.0

NOTE: Previous configurations of GNOME Sensors Applet are not compatible with this new version and so instances of the applet will need to be first removed and then re-added to the panel before use.

Posted by Anonymous 2006-06-27

GNOME Sensors Applet Version 1.6.2 Released

GNOME Sensors Applet Version 1.6.2

Major changes are the addition of support for NVIDIA GPUs through the use of libNVCtrl (this is supplied with the nvidia-settings package from NVIDIA), as well as the ability to reorder sensors within the panel.

To enable support for NVIDIA GPUs GNOME Sensors Applet requires the standard X11 headers as well as libNVCtrl (supplied by nvidia-settings), and needs to be compiled with support for NVIDIA GPUs as:... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2006-06-15

Version 0.6.0 Released

2005-02-06 Alex Murray <>

* sensors-applet: Version 0.6.0 Released
Added multiplier and offset values for each
sensor so users can make adjustments according
their own specific needs.
Added an alarm type, so user can specify if alarm
is less than or greater than sensor value.
Improved dialog's to make more HIG compliant
Improved kernel 2.4 sensor detection
Added German translation
Minor bugfixes
Posted by Anonymous 2005-02-06

Version 0.3.0 Released

Addded alarms for each sensor
Fixed bug with multiple instances of applet
Added Russian translation

Posted by Anonymous 2005-01-28

Version 0.2.1 Released

Improved detection of i2c sensor device files
Can now customize applet display in many ways (font size, layout, labels etc)
General bugfixes

Posted by Anonymous 2005-01-23

Version 0.1 Released

Initial public release of GNOME Sensors Applet

Posted by Anonymous 2005-01-17

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