Mailing Lists

  • sensetalk-announce: Subscribe | Archive | Search — Important information regarding SenseTalk releases, updates and developments to the SenseTalk Project
  • sensetalk-developers: Subscribe | Archive | Search — A forum for SenseTalk scripters and developers to discuss issues related to current usage and future direction of the language.
  • sensetalk-sample-scripts: Subscribe | Archive | Search — Pertaining to the development of the Sample Scripts to go along with SenseTalk
  • sensetalk-tutorials: Subscribe | Archive | Search — Place to share and discuss ideas and text (SenseTalk Code) which is geared toward tutorials that will be included in the SenseTalk distribution
  • sensetalk-users: Subscribe | Archive | Search — A Place SenseTalk Users may call upon each other and developers to solve problems and discuss issues related to the use of SenseTalk.