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SeniorQuoter 2.0.1

I have recently become aware that SeniorQuoter breaks on versions of PHP >= 5.3.0. PHP 5.3 depreciates a lot of functions, which makes SeniorQuoter display an error message when you try to log onto the admin page, or do other things. I found a few depreciated lines of code scatted around the admin panel which were very easy to fix. I also fixed the version number in the footer.

The only thing which I could not fix is that PDF invitations will now print out the text SeniorQuoter instead of an image. The pdf-php library has not been updated to fix this. In addition, I have done a quick glance around for additional bugs. I may have missed some; please file any additional bugs you may encounter read more

Posted by Michael Plasmeier 2011-01-11

SeniorQuoter 2.0 Released!

After a long break, I have released the final version of SeniorQuoter 2.0. This release fixes all of the last major bugs. It also rewrites the admin/quote.php page to display a person's quote history, much like a news feed. As such, it has a database schema change. In addition, I think I finally have the special character issues straightened out. The database text and quote submission page is now UTF-8. All sorts of special characters, including Arabic and Chinese letters, should now work fine in quotes. SeniorQuoter should also work when it is not at the root of the URL, eg However, sessions are per subdomain. This means that running more than one install of SeniorQuoter per subdomain will lead to problems.... read more

Posted by Michael Plasmeier 2010-02-01

SeniorQuoter 2.0beta2 released!

So after not looking at the SQ code since January, I went back to the code to take another look and fix the bugs which remained at the end of the group study. Adorjan, a contributer, also did a lot of work since beta1 streamlining the setup. Beta2 is very close to the final release, and fixes about 20 issues from beta1, including some security issues. Replacing your old code is highly recommended. (There are some database schema changes in this version but we do not support upgrading however.)... read more

Posted by Michael Plasmeier 2008-09-14

SeniorQuoter 2.0alpha2

Ten revisions and two days later, Alpha 2 has a lot of bug fixes in it. In addition, I have finally linked and added icons for all of the pages. Setup should go much smoothly as I have added a lot of error checking code in there. Plus some more fixes here and there. Quotes are now printed as "preformatted" to preserve line breaks. Every script has been edited for the making of this release!... read more

Posted by Michael Plasmeier 2008-01-16

SeniorQuoter Releases Version 2.0alpha1

SeniorQuoter 2.0alpha1 is out!!!! This version still has a lot of bugs (and is missing a lot of links to features), but is feature complete! SeniorQuoter 2.0 was developed by the Group Study at Haverford High School: Michael Plasmeier, Michael Gdovin, Shawn Ard, Sean Maguire, and Gary Hunt.

This version is only recommended for testing (and it needs a lot of that!) There are still many bugs in SeniorQuoter, including several security vulnerabilities. Also many pages are not linked to each other. The team will be spending the next week fixing the bugs.... read more

Posted by Michael Plasmeier 2008-01-14

SeniorQuoter v1.4.2

SeniorQuoter 1.4.2 fixes a small, but fairly important bug in how characters are counted after a quote is submitted.

Certain special characters (&, ", < and >) were incorrectly counted by the second pass, server side counter, in previous versions of SeniorQuoter, causing quotes which passed the length limits imposed by the "live" JavaScript counter, to be rejected after the quote was submitted. All yearbooks should upgrade to this version to insure that users are not incorrectly told that their quotes are too long. The only file which changed is: '/includes/', so only that file needs to be overwritten.

Posted by Michael Plasmeier 2007-10-13

SeniorQuoter 1.4.1

SeniorQuoter 1.4.1 offers several bug fixes and new configuration options.

*Added: Spell Check Server Configuration (If you don't want to use Google's servers - not supported)
*Fixed: The quote counter at the top of the page now does not re-count quotes which have been updated. It now accurately reflects the number of people who have submitted quotes.
*Fixed: After submitting a quote, PHP checks if the length of the quote exceeds the length limit set by the administrator. PHP used to count new lines as 2 characters, when the "live" JavaScript counter would count them as one. This would lead to a situation, where if a senior had a quote with many returns and neared the length limit, the "live" JS counter would say their quote was acceptable, but when it was submitted, PHP would report that it was too long. This is no longer the case.
*Changed:</strong> Some language has been changed to sound more professional, and one spelling error has been fixed.

Posted by Michael Plasmeier 2007-10-09

SeniorQuoter 1.4 adds Spell Checking!

After taking a month off, SeniorQuoter 1.4 is out and ready for download from

The big feature in this release is spell checking! We also fixed what seemed to be a bug if one hit the "enter" key instead of clicking the "submit code" button after imputing their code. Also, we have some configuration-documentation improvements and other minor code re-arrangements.... read more

Posted by Michael Plasmeier 2007-07-30

SeniorQuoter 1.3

SeniorQuoter version 1.3 is now out and available for download!

1.3 adds 2 main new features. Quote submission now has a JavaScript-enabled character counter, so seniors know exactly how many character they have remaining. In addition, a new area under the quote submission box lets yearbooks add important information. For example, we use it to list acceptable abbreviations seniors can use.... read more

Posted by Michael Plasmeier 2007-05-28

SeniorQuoter 1.2 is out!

SeniorQuoter is proud to announce that version 1.2 is out now. As always you can download it from SourceForge.

We added support for

* Optional to display your own terms and conditions before students can submit a quote (example: No bad language)
* Added an optional maximum character length (Limit quotes to __ characters)
* Added framework for more ways to verify quotes
* Rearranged the config file and added more help to better explain the options
* Improved favicon (little picture next to the URL) transparent and not fuzzy... read more

Posted by Michael Plasmeier 2007-04-21

1.0 Released!

I spent a few hours over the past few weeks and I finished a very basic version of SeniorQuoter. It shouldn't even be called a 1.0 release, but it does have the basic functionality, submitting quotes. Much more still needs to be added.

The front end is just one simple page which does all of the work. Andreas Viklund ( the site's theme using CSS, and I modified it to fit my school, Haverford's theme of red and gold and a car for a mascot (sad, isn't it?). The design is meant to be simple and focused, to keep the attention on the content and quote submission. Colors can be controlled in the CSS file. An easier way will be developed. ... read more

Posted by Michael Plasmeier 2007-02-20

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