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Complete Rewrite

I'm thinking of totally rewriting the game and making it Linux compatible. I quit last time because of poor code which became a mess to deal with. I've learnt a lot more after further university studies since then, so completing the game should be a lot more achievable now.

Posted by P_Hansson 2009-02-23

0.2 Released

0.2 (pre-alpha) has been released!

Posted by P_Hansson 2008-03-29


An old advice is: "Never announce a release date for a game if you can avoid it". I should've applied it in this case, but got overly excited.

I'll try to get the release out next week though depending on university activites.

Posted by P_Hansson 2008-01-17

Release Date and Recruitment

I'll make a release of 0.2 in whatever state it may be January 12th. It's not very fun to "play" yet, as you can only move armies around. However, the scripting, network, graphics, UI systems etc. are in place.

We also need more programmers. The reason is progress on this game has been very slow with only one (me) who's preoccupied with university most of the time.

The main language is C++, with Lua scripts. Thus some knowledge of C++ is necessary; Lua however can be learnt quickly. You might be able to view the old code via CVS on sourceforge, but that's pretty replaced by now.... read more

Posted by P_Hansson 2008-01-09

A Few Things

Development is currently in a very active phase. We're constantly refining the graphics engine (guess it wasn't finished after all), and are now adding some game elements. Animated armies are marching across map (although there are no means to create them dynamically yet). Towns, roads and rivers make the map pretty interesting and it will become even better.

We aim for a release of the 0.2 pre-alpha in mid January latest. After that development will slow down again due to university studies. ;)... read more

Posted by P_Hansson 2007-12-30

Progress Update

The new graphics engine is finished (sort of). Work will be continued with reimplementing multiplayer functionality, this time with an "in-sync on all machines" implementation. This has already been done to about 50% but especially testing remains.

Version 0.2 will probably be released around Christmas or after New Year.

Posted by P_Hansson 2007-11-20

Screenshot of New Graphics


This is in a very early stage of development as you can tell (no clans yet), but this shows off the new very much more complex graphics the 0.2.0 will have.

Edit: Fixed broken link.

Posted by P_Hansson 2007-10-23

Resumed Development for Certain

Indeed, there's now concrete evidence this project isn't dead. Expect alpha 0.2 in one or two months. Currently everything is being rewritten and exported to LUA so there's not anything being added yet.

Posted by P_Hansson 2007-10-04

Resuming Development

There is a good chance I'll resume development in the coming weeks.

Posted by P_Hansson 2007-09-01

0.1.0 Released!

Today 0.1.0 was released after a long promise. The new multiplayer code is in action so it's quite an exciting release for me personally. Now I can continue working with the actual game code instead.

Posted by P_Hansson 2006-02-01

Upcoming Release

The next release will be a fairly substansial one underneath (but yet very small changes to the actual game yet). 0.1.0 will feature LAN and Internet multiplayer support by direct UDP connections. Mantle's scenario work will also be included (that which is seen in the latest screenshot).

Posted by P_Hansson 2006-01-13

New Screenshot

I decided to put up a new screenshot of Mantle's scenario work. Nontheless I'm not putting out a new release very soon because I need to catch up with my code. ;)

Posted by P_Hansson 2006-01-12

Activity Percentile...

Apparently this project has managed to score really high on the activity percentile scale. As much as I'd like it to remain high, I suspect it will fall down a bit once I start university in some weeks. ;)

Posted by P_Hansson 2006-01-06

Coding as Fast as I can!

You may have noticed the newest screenshot looks a bit differently. It is because of a visual enhancement, but I won't be putting together a new release until I have added more worth mentioning. I'm currently restructuring/writing more base code so I'm not idle.

Posted by P_Hansson 2006-01-06

New Download

Latest changes have been included in 0.0.2. These include the first ever different colored map ;), due to that the foundation of clans (player entities) has been coded.

Posted by P_Hansson 2006-01-04

Some Updates

Okay, I finally got my CVS client to work and I uploaded the code. I also released a running package of all work this far. And, I added a screenshot to show why it's unnecessary to download it if you're searching for a game that's playable. ;)

Posted by P_Hansson 2006-01-03

Testing News Function...

I am currently preparing the code to be uploaded to the CVS. (I must also learn how this is done.)

Posted by P_Hansson 2006-01-02

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