#11 Population for AnnotationSets fails

Kai Eckert

At least sometimes, the population of data for the AllAnnotationFrequencyAnalysis fails. Only the table is created.


  • Kai Eckert

    Kai Eckert - 2010-05-31

    I hacked a little bit around the population process. ProgressListener are now supported so that at least we can get some feedback, if the population is actually running. I also changed the PersistentAnalysisMapImpl, as there seemed to be a problem with the database table creation, it was created when the first get was invoked, that could in theory be before the population process is started.

    Now, the population seems to work, if the treeview is used, where the analysis results are not actually used. In the treemap view, there are still problems, so I think this has something todo with the parallel access of the visualisation to the data, before the population is finished properly.

    So the short message here is: We need a closer look on the whole process, it still is quite buggy...

  • Kai Eckert

    Kai Eckert - 2011-11-20
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Kai Eckert

    Kai Eckert - 2011-11-20

    Reworked most parts pf the population algorithm, should be fixed now.