Ramy Mohamed Elkady

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What is SEMSolve

SEMSolve is a Spectral Element Method Solver for Structural Health Monitroing (SHM) applications. It is developed to overcome the limitations of the conventional numerical simulation methods with regard to the needs for computer aided design for SHM applications.

SEMSolve tookit consists of three components:

  1. SEMSolveConsole : The solver,
  2. SEMSolvePrep : The spectral element preproccessor, and
  3. SEMSolve Interface : A minimal GUI integrated with FEMAP, enabling the user to utilize the pre/post processing capabilities of FEMAP.

The main features of SEMSolve is that it is based on the spectral element method. Aside from some open source siesmological codes it is the first one that uses the spectral element method for modeling the wave propagation problems in engineering context, and with multiphysics coupling capabilities. The current implementation is mainly composed of a standalone solver that communicates via files with minor reliance on the automation tools provided by the operating system.