Hello everyone,
        My name is Sanyam Goyal.  I am a final year student at IIT Mumbai, India. I  have been accepted in Gsoc2010 to do a project with MediaWiki titled "Javascript overhaul of Semantic MediaWiki" under the mentor Yaron Koren. This is my first step in the world of open-source community and I get this exciting opportunity to work with MediaWiki.  I am sure I will have a lot of fun working with the community.
    I have created a Blog page http://gsoc2010mediawiki.blogspot.com/ for this project. I will keep updating this page with latest status about the project, the problem I am facing, Interesting findings etc. Feedback and comments are always welcomed. I look forward to interact with you guys more in future.

Sanyam Goyal
Btech4,Senior UnderGraduate
IIT Bombay