Hello All,

I'm interested in adding a feature to Semantic MediaWiki, and I'd like to hear what the community thinks about it.  But first, I was wondering: How likely will Wikipedia adopt SMW some time in the future?

I'm interested in creating a parser that uses ontologies to help with parsing.  For example, a functional property might be used like a regular expression "?" and no upper cardinality restriction could be used like a regular expression "*".  Also, tag info could be used to help the parser know which property to use next while parsing.  Of course, the implementation would be much more complicated than I can describe in an email.  I think this type of parser would be useful because it will allow people who have a bunch of data in text format to easily set up the grammar for the data and integrate it into the SMW database.

How well would this mesh with the rest of the work going on in SMW?  Would it be best for me to develop this in the main SMW source code, a branch, or an extension?  Is there anybody else who would like to collaborate with this project?  Any other questions or comments would be appreciated.