Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone out there had really good examples of an international SMW instance with multiple languages, including properties and forms.

I am interested in methods for maintaining a form's structure and array mappings in a centralized location, but allowing things like the form name, template call, content, etc. to be in different languages. This way, one could maintain a single form but allow those changes to propagate among the language versions.

And I'm interested in the same thing with properties... as in, allowing different properties in the wiki to be equated with each other but containing different text. For example, [[prop1::x]] is the same as [[prop2:y]], since the meaning of prop1 is the same as prop 2 and the meaning of x is the same as y (but are just expressed with different characters). Any thoughts or insights on internationalizing the mechanics of SMW are appreciated.

- Alex

Alex Kozak
Education Program Assistant
ccLearn, Creative Commons