Hi everybody,

I need a little help: I have a private site, meaning that I closed it by pasting this code in LocalSettings.php:

$wgGroupPermissions['*']['read'] = false;

And, I have pages inside my wiki featuring RSS feeds. Those feeds are completely enabled:

$smwgRSSEnabled = true
$smwgRSSWithPages = true

I also tested those feeds BEFORE closing the wiki, and the did work just fine. Problem is, as you may have imagined, I can't get them into my rss reader anymore, now that the wiki is closed to anonimous users.

This is what my rss reader (NetNewWire) says:
Canít display news for this subscription because:
Canít display this subscription because the feed could not be found.

I couldn't find resources on SMW site about RSS for private sites, I thought that NNW would just ask me to enter my wiki account's username and password, but apparently it doesn't work like that...