Maybe you should file it as a bug/feature request...

On Wed, Jul 1, 2009 at 5:53 AM, Dan Bolser <> wrote:
I think that when using "format=template", there is no benefit from
passing the resulting page titles as links.

Not passing the resulting page titles as links has no drawbacks (as
the link can easily be added back within the template).

Passing the link can cause problems that are tricky to debug when
writing 'sub-queries' within the template. I made an example of this
latter kind of problem here:

The solution to the problem I was having when using a query within a
template called via "format=template" was to specify "link=none".


P.S. How come "link = none" doesn't work but "link=none" does work?
Most other ask query parameters don't seem to mind the former syntax.

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