I think you will find that since you're needing to tie a date with a 'tag' "Moved", "birth", "death", etc.  that you're going to have to resort to n-ary data.  This is unfortunately the least supported part of SMW right now.  You'll have to create some pretty complicated string-parsing templates, but it is doable.  I'm in the exact same boat myself.

You'll probably have some property like this (I imagine)
Property:Has dated event
Type:String; Type:Date; Type:Text
(Tag, Date, Notes)

So page [[Francis Hopkinson]] might have
[[Has dated event::Birth; September 21, 1737; from Wikipedia]]
[[Has dated event::Birth; September 22, 1737; from somewhere else]]

If you want to sort this data, you'll have to write templates using StringFunctions, ParserFunctions, Arrays, etc.

-Robert Murphy

On Sat, Jun 20, 2009 at 7:25 AM, Michael Skelly <skelly.michael@gmail.com> wrote:
I'm working on a local history-genealogy project. Some of the people have disputed, yet unresolved, birth dates. (Such as Francis Hopkinson a signer of the U.S. Declaration of Independence.) Some of these are supported by sources that are considered credible such as a contemporaneous diary of a mid-wife vs. a contemporaneous family bible entry, there are also numerous instances of repeating the disputed birth dates in otherwise reliable secondary sources such as grave markers and newspapers.

This is a pattern that applies to many other situations (such as date of moving from one location to another, attendance at schools, titles or appointments, etc.) These  dates and other attributes are highly significant and are likely basis for future queries.

Any suggestions as to how to handle this?

(If this request should be directed to another group or service, please feel free to forward it.)

Thanks in advance for any help.

Michael Skelly
Bordentown Heritage

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