Dear SMW Gurus,

I attempted to upgrade my installation of SMW from 1.0.2b to 1.4 last night with disasterous consequences.  I was at first unable to see anything on my wiki after using SVN, so I ran SMW_setup.php.  Then, the only thing visible was /Special:SMWAdmin.  So, I pressed the upgrade button and it began.  I ran "nice php runJobs.php" a lot (all night).  The % done kept going up and down, not consistently progressing from 0 to 100, but fluctuating wildly around 60~70%.  I also noticed a lot of error messages:

PHP Warning:  preg_split(): Compilation failed: nothing to repeat at offset 8 in /home/imurphy/ on line 818

Anyway, it finished this morning.  I tried going to /Special:SMWAdmin.php and nothing worked.  I ran SMW_setup.php again and still nothing.  I tried updata.php from MW and go nothing.  Is my wiki dead?  I backed up everything, but I sure hope I don't have to find SMW 1.0.2b to get back afloat.

I'm running SMW_refreshData.php, but it making a lot of the same error.