Hi Markus,

During parsing, SMW will store all semantic data contained in an articles text
(whether revision or current) within the SMWFactbox::$semdata which is an
object of class SMWSemanticData. You could access that object *after parsing*
to extract data directly. I do not see another way of solving that. Some
problems may still occur, since SMW depends on non-local data (e.g. datatypes
of properties) that will influence parsing, but that is not versioned. I
think MW has some similar issues with old revisions using current versions of

Thanks for the hint.

It can solve the issue.
But what I would expect from SMW (a kind of natural functionality) is being able to work with semantic properties of any given article in PHP code. This would mean in particular (as a basic level) having access to the props of the currently displayed article (any revision).

Why I find this functionality natural? SMW extends articles with semantic properties. So, for an object representing article there should be methods available for dealing with its semantic properties. So, it's natural just from the point of view of OO.

I think implementing this mechanism would open many new applications of SMW.

With best regards,