Hi all,

Small Introduction:

I am Thomas and new to this list and reading now for several issues. This is my first posting and I hope to be able to contribute positively to this mailing-list. I am using SMW for creating an industrial information system that will be able to help the user in finding out, who needs to do what, when and with which tools in a development process.

Examples from Markus:

* No annotation: 1,000,000   [[USA]]
* 2): [[population:=1,000,000]]   [[is located in::USA]]
* 3): [[population:=1,000,000]]   [[is located in:=USA]]
* 4): {{population:=1,000,000}}   {{is located in:=[[USA]]}}


I like the 4th option the most. But maybe there is even a 5th option

* 5): {{population:=[[1,000,000]]}}   {{is located in::USA}}

This way we add the functionality of wikilinked attributes while keeping the hyperlinked relations.