Hello Yaron,

at the SMWCon Fall 2010 you mentioned the concept of a "Semantic Class", see also


in your talk "Semantic Forms: thoughts on next steps + bug the developer".

Markus Krötsch in his reply suggested the use of an alternative name for it.

Motivated by the spirit of the conference and especially Jesse Wang's point to see SMW an agile software development platform it might be appropriate to see the "Semantic class" as a

   "semantic component"

This would reflect the fact that the semantic class generates artifacts for the UI, the model, and the (implicit) the persitence of the structural data. In a traditinal (for example Java) software there would be serveral classes involed into this CRUD (create, read, update and delete).

It also would include notions and concepts of compontent based software engineering into the SMW platform, see for example


Perhaps such a "semantic component" could be enhanced with something like a namespace concept (perhaps just a convention for the names of the attributes, forms etc.) to make applications with a different set of semantic components independent from each other and therefore combinable in one wiki.

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