A bit more information:
When the form contains template invocation: {{template:Test|{{PAGENAME}}}} and template:test contains "The page is {{{1}}}" then all I'm getting when creating page Vcb is:
I note that this problem comes up in the <includeonly> section of the form. The same content, in the <noinclude> section of the form reports correctly that the {{PAGENAME}} is X (from Form:X), but in the <includeonly> section I get this problem.
I didn't really understand the 'query' param on the {{{forminput}}}. Maybe that's part of the answer?
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When editing a page with Form:X, the magic word {{PAGENAME}} doesn't seem to work as expected. I'm guessing it's because "AddData" is somehow involved, obscuring the  {{PAGENAME}} being edited. Is there a workaround for this so that my form can find out the name of the underlying page being edited (or created)?