Server OS: Windows 2003
Web Server: Apache 2.2
PHP Version: 5.0
I am running into an unusual situation with a newly installed Semantic on MediaWiki 1.8.3.  When I do basic inline queries, such as:
<ask>[[Author:=Ben Wiechel]]</ask>
the wiki returns a list of articles.  Whenever I add a second criteria, such as [[Attribute:=*]] the page will not display, and I just get a blank page.  I just installed the Semantic extension into my wiki, so I am sure it is some sort of setting or installation problem, but so far, I have found nothing that indicates how to resolve the problem.  I did try adding the parameter memory_limit => 20M, and that did not help the situation.  What might be causing the table view to bomb and give me a blank page?
Benjamin D. Wiechel
Xerox Global Services