Hi Yury,
1) You can specify a default query to run when it first loads. For practical plants it queries all pages with [[Show on main page search::Yes]], so we can define a few key plants to show upfront
2) I don't understand this question! Could you clarify?

Thanks for the kind words about the skin. It's a very complex custom skin which has a dependency on a companion extension, and also a number of custom extensions. I don't currently have any plans to release the skin itsself, but I'm working on releasing some of the custom extensions (I'll shortly release the filtered search as an extension named Semantic Discovery). So far I've made the following available:

Bootstrap - https://github.com/andru/mediawiki-bootstrap
This integrates Twitter Bootstrap into MediaWiki in a way compatible with the ResourceLoader, giving a base to build custom themes.

MoveToSkin - https://github.com/andru/mediawiki-movetoskin
This enables a {{#movetoskin}} function which moves content from the wikitext to predefined areas in the skin. For example, this allows me to move the TOC from within the content to a sidebar without relying on Javascript after the DOM has loaded. 

WikiSEO - https://github.com/andru/wiki-seo
A simple extension which enables a {{#seo}} function to change the page title, meta description, and meta keywords.


El 15/10/2012, a las 13:48, Yury Katkov escribió:

Hi Andru! 

It looks terrific and we really need similar AJAX-feature for fitered format.
1)  Do I understand correctly that by default (with no filters turned on) you show some amount of results (say 20 results)? 
2) a question to developers: how fast are the count queries? Maybe it's good to use them when the user
And your skin is also lovely, if you have any plans to release it as open source, I'll gladly help with that. 

Yury Katkov, WIkiVote

On Mon, Oct 15, 2012 at 12:48 PM, Andru Vallance <andru@tinymighty.com> wrote:
For the wiki I develop, I was interested in using the filtered output format, but needed the results to be loaded dynamically when filters were changed, as I have 7000+ results to filter.

I began making changes to this effect, but under time pressure and with no documentation on the filtered output plugin, I realised it would be quicker to roll my own plugin which interfaces with the SMW API to create dynamic filters.

My plugin operates quite differently, functioning as a parser function which takes a JSON object of settings to initiate rather than operating as an output format for an ask query, however if there is demand I could try and merge the dynamic functionality into the filtered output.

You can see my plugin in action here: http://practicalplants.org/wiki/Search

Would there be any demand for this? Or is it distinct enough in operation that it would be preferred that I polish up my own plugin and release it as a separate entity? If the former, is there any documentation on the operation of output formats to assist me in integration?

Andru Vallance
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