Hello, this might be more of a MW question, but I'll start here as I imagine that others have tried the same thing before.

My problem is this: I want to adjust some query results for logged in users depending on user preferences. The easiest way would be to use parser functions to add those users preferences to the inline queries, but that makes caching impossible, and the wiki very slow. Instead I started making ajax calls for logged in users, to fine-tune the results accordingly. This is works very well for most queries, except for format=template queries (which happens to be the most common format). 

I'm using SMWQueryProcessor::getResultFromFunctionParams, but that does not expand the templates.  Doing a recursiveTagParse at this stage will do no good (I don't have a frame argument, so the variables sent to the template will not work). I would be surprised if there is not a way around this, but atm I'm completely unable to see it. Any advices from you SMW gurus?

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Leonard Wallentin
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