Fantastic addition !

One thing about the Extension:SD page. The examples between <code> tags do not display at all on Firefox and Safari.

- Laurent

On Sep 29, 2009, at 8:28 PM, Yaron Koren wrote:

Hi everyone,

Version 0.6 of Semantic Drilldown has been released. This is an important new version, because it lets users customize the display of drilldown results in the 'Special:BrowseData' page: instead of always appearing in the style of a category page, results can be customized to show additional values for pages, or to be displayed with any SMW query format, like a table, a timeline or a map. The code to handle this was mostly added by David Loomer, who also previously wrote the code for the 'category' format added in SMW 1.4.3. That's not a coincidence, because that format is necessary for the new Semantic Drilldown (this new feature has been in the planning for a long time).

For that reason, the new version of SD only works with SMW 1.4.3; support for previous versions has been removed. So if you want to use this new feature, you'll have to upgrade your version of SMW if you're using an older one; but that's something I'd recommend doing anyway.

For more information, and to download Semantic Drilldown, you can go here:

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