>> is there any way to use Semantic maps' hooks into Semantic Forms to use the map input for multiple markers? I.e. editing a display_points-map though a map in a form? I guess the answer is no, but I wanted to make sure. :)

>At the moment you can indeed not do this. There however is some prototypical form input that allows adding multiple markers using Google Maps v3 in Semantic Maps 1.0 and later, but it's not enabled by default (as it's not finished). Completing that one is a few hours of work though, which I can't put into it right now.

Ok, thank you Jeroen, then I know. Another thing I have not been able to fully understand is how mainlabel and headers work with Semantic Maps. I am putting markers on a map using Semantic Compund Queries. The markers are stored in internal semantic objects, and I therefore want to hide the mainlabels, but it seems to me I have to put mainlabel=- on each row, as putting it among the formatting arguments have do effect. Is this a bug? I am also not able to hide the labels using headers=hide, regardless of if I use #ask or #compund_query. 

MW: 1.16.1
SMW: 1.5.6
SM: 0.7.4
SC: 0.2.9
SIO: 0.6.6

/Leo Wallentin