I have a page in WIKI it calls template in following format:
|First Name=Abdoul
|Last Name=Kanta
|Middle Name=Fatah
|Organization Home Page=http://lermps.utbm.fr/index.php?pge=112&lang=fr

As you see last parameter is URL.

Inside template i have table row described as
! Personal page on organization site
| [[Site::{{{Organization Home Page|}}}]]

And property Site is defined as:

This is a property of type [[Has type::URL]].

In RDF export i have:
<property:Site rdf:resource="http://lermps.utbm.fr/index.php?pge=112&lang=fr"/>

When trying to save page I'm getting:
Unexpected non-MediaWiki exception encountered, of type "SMWSparqlDatabaseError"
exception 'SMWSparqlDatabaseError' with message 'A SPARQL query error has occurred 
property:Site <http:////lermps.utbm.fr/index.php?pge=112&lang=fr> ;

Tried to remove URL type of property and now i'm geting in RDF export:

<property:Site rdf:resource="http://localhost/plasmakb/index.php/Special:URIResolver/Http-3A//lermps.utbm.fr/index.php-3Fpge-3D112-26lang-3Dfr"/>

2012/5/25 Markus Krötzsch <markus@semantic-mediawiki.org>
On 25/05/12 10:42, Александр Морозов wrote:
 I have a problem with URLs as properties. In update SPRAQL query i
have URLs like: "http:*////*somehost.com/... <http://somehost.com/...>.".

There are FOUR slashes in URL in update request to endpoint. But in
Special:Export to RDF everything is ok.

SMW 1.7, Triplesotre - Jena Fuseki 0.2.1

Can you give a URL for the wiki where this occurs? If not, then it would be helpful to have a more detailed description (steps to reproduce). We can then look into it.