> Otherwise, I think I had to use Parser::parse() and I am not fully aware of the consequences really. Wouldn't even know which parameters I should supply.

I'm not sure, but I think you should use recursiveTagParse here. Might be worth asking about on wikitech.

> I alreaedy noticed that mInline is working in handleParameters(), where I have to use it again to define for parameter 'name' that in non-inline context empty string '' is equally to null/unset while in inline context '' would be a valid value for the 'name'.

Right. You can do it just like that, as you then also take care of people actually providing an empty string. If you need to distinguish between it having been set by the user or being defaulted, you can set the default to false, which in case of string params is done by

$param->setDefault( false, false );

where the first argument is the default value, and the second one indicates that the default value should not be handled like user values, ie not converted to a string.


Jeroen De Dauw
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