As some of you might already have seen on wikitech-l, MW core and WMF deployed extensions have migrated to git and the svn is now read-only.


Although the other extensions, including SMW and friends, will not be migrated just yet, this will happen in the not to distant future. In other words, the SVN will go read-only at some point. I think it's good to migrate to the new system as soon as possible, since there really is no point in waiting, and sticking with svn means mixed workflows for those with things already migrated. For SMW it's also convenient now, since we are still rather far away from the next release (SMW 1.8).

My main reason for sending this email is to give everyone a chance to voice their opinions on what I think we ought to do:

* Migrate SMW to the new WMF git repo. We could also migrate somewhere else (ie GitHub) or even stick with SVN (and reclaim our SourceForge repo? :D). I'd go with the first option though, since this has benefits of visibility and consistency with other extensions.

* Request migration now, rather then wait until it just happens at one day and we find out when we try to svn commit something.

I have already requested migration for my own extensions and those that I maintain, including Semantic Result Formats and Semantic Maps.


Jeroen De Dauw
Don't panic. Don't be evil.