> One case I had lately was a function that just disappeared from the
> codebase (SMW_QueryPrinter.php::getValidatorParameters).

Looks like that's my fault - that function is now obsolete. I can add it back in if that really helps you. Probably removed it figuring no one was using it anyway. Would have spotted this was not the case if I had your extension checked out - one more point for my proposal :)

> I admit, I am always a bit suspicious of "package deals". I would
> rather decide myself, which extensions I need.

Having it in one repo would not force you in any way to use any of the extensions in there. Initially I suggest only having SMW on by default, and only adding other to the list of "default on" if there is no controversy over it.


Jeroen De Dauw
Don't panic. Don't be evil.