This mail is mainly directed at Markus, but sending it to the list for transparency sake.

I started working on making the link generation (ie for the "further results" links) in SMWResultPrinter more generic so we can get rid of the buggy and inconsistent code currently adding arguments to these links. Turns out that right now the result printers do not have sufficient information to do this. They need to know if a parameter was set by the user or not, so they can add only those values in the link. The SMWResultPrinters are only getting an array with param names pointing to param values though, which needs to change to include the full parameter objects as returned by Validator, which do hold the information if the value was set by the user or not. This list of param values is also passed around in SMWQueryProcessor at several places, and would also need to be changed there. And this would break compat with existing code extending SMWResultPrinter and overriding it's entry point (getResult) and using the relevant SMWQueryProcessor methods. Making such code work with the new version is relatively simple.

Any thoughts on this, in particular the loss of compatibility?


Jeroen De Dauw
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