During this years Wikimania I discussed the possibility of bundling extensions more closely together with their base software with some fine folks. I think it might be helpful to do this for SMW to some extend, so would like to get your feedback.

My proposal is putting SMW and some of it's extensions into a single git repository, and releasing them together. Having important extensions bundled in releases in something that we're already doing with MediaWiki itself since a while :)

Advantages for developers:

* Less hassle with moving code around as it's in the same repo
* We could just require having these extensions from the same release, making compatibility a whole lot easier
* Easier to track what others are doing (and having more visibility yourself)
* Less of a barrier to working on other parts of the extended SMW codebase, hopefully increasing the amount of people caring about particular components

Advantages for users:

* Everything is released together, so fewer points at which one needs to upgrade
* Guarantee that the extensions in such a release work together nicely
* Having a clearer overview of which extensions in this release are stable, beta, experimental, ect (since unmaintained extensions often don't include a notice they are unmaintained)

Extensions this could initially include:

* Semantic Result Formats
* Semantic Forms
* Semantic Compound Queries
* Semantic Maps
* Semantic Forms Inputs
* Semantic Image Input
* Semantic Watchlist
* Semantic Tasks
* Semantic Drilldown
* Semantic Internal Objects
* and others

Anyone against such a change? Suggestions?

in any case, we already have a lot of upcoming stuff for SMW 1.8, so if we do this, it's probably better to wait till after that release.


Jeroen De Dauw
Don't panic. Don't be evil.