Hey all,

I am proud to announce the first beta release of Semantic Result Formats 1.7.

This beta release is meant to give you a chance to test 1.7 and try out the new features. You should not run it on production wikis.

I'd like to thank all the people that contributed to this release, especially James Hong Kong and DaSch for contributing completely new formats :)

== What's new ==

New formats in this version are:
* valuerank (written by DaSch)
* D3Line, D3Bar and D3Treemap (written by James Hong Kong) (requires MW 1.17 or later)

Other new features:
* Added value distribution support to jqplotpie and jqplotbar.
* Added warning message to jqplotpie and jqplotbar shown when there are no results instead of a non-working chart.
* Added min parameter to jqplotbar to set the minimun value for the Y-axis.
* Added pointlabel parameter to jqplotbar and chartlegend, legendlocation,
  datalabels and datalabeltype parameters to jqplotpie based on a patches by James Hong Kong.

== Compatibility changes ==

* Compatibility with SMW 1.7 and later.
* Dropped support for MediaWiki 1.15.x and SMW < 1.7.

== Download ==

You can get this beta release from

* Google Code: https://semantic-result-formats.googlecode.com/files/SemanticResultFormats1.7beta1.zip
* SVN: http://svn.wikimedia.org/svnroot/mediawiki/tags/extensions/SemanticResultFormats/REL_1_7beta1/

== Installation / Upgrading ==

You can install or upgrade as usual by just replacing the old files with the new.

== Testing and reporting issues ==

If you find any issues with this beta release, please report them on bugzilla ( https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/ ) under extensions/SemanticResultFormats, or here on the list (bugzilla is preferred), so they can be addressed before the actual release.

Jeroen De Dauw
Don't panic. Don't be evil.