Over the last few weeks some people have already been working on new features and enhancements for SMW 1.9 on the "1.9.x" branch. Now that 1.8 is out of the door, I'll be merging this branch into master soonish. Since some people might simply get master after seeing the release email, I suggest waiting a day with doing this, and thus merging on upcoming Tuesday. After this merge is done, master will require PHP 5.3 or later and MediaWiki 1.19 or later. Further development on SMW 1.8 can be done on the 1.8.x branch, which branches of master at the 1.8 release tag. If any serious bugs show up or someone adds a nice new feature that they do the effort to backport, one or more follow up minor releases to 1.8 can be made.

For more info on plans for 1.9, see the roadmap [0]. You are encouraged to add your own development items there as well.

[0] https://semantic-mediawiki.org/wiki/Roadmap#SMW_1.9


Jeroen De Dauw
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