After discussions with the active contributors to the SMW project and asking attendees at last weeks SMWCon, I'd like to propose moving SMW development to GitHub.

== Details ==

The canonical git repo would be at https://github.com/SemanticMediaWiki/SemanticMediaWiki

Trusted contributors get merged rights and can review pull requests, or directly push to a branch. All other contributors can fork and create pull requests. Pull requests should only be merged when TravisCI reports the tests passed.

This is very similar to our current setup. It's different in that we have more autonomy, people can more easily contribute without having to learn gerrit and we do not have to deal with WMF infrastructure that is not of use to us.

The current canonical repo would be kept where it is and become a manually updated mirror. If people submit patches against it, we can still review those via gerrit or redirect them to GitHub as we see fit. Since TranslateWiki does not support GitHub at present, we'll have to periodically merge the translation updates from the WMF repo to the GitHub one.

People will thus continue to be able to use a clone of the WMF repo, which will at the very least be updated for each release.

== Plans ==

I'll set up the repo and update the configuration of services such as TravisCI, Packagist, Scrutinizer and coveralls.io accordingly. I'll also assign rights and whatnot.

If no one of the core contributors screams murder, or someone else points out a real issue with this approach, I suggest we officially switch to this model next week. In case problems occur that cannot easily be dealt with, we can always delay or abort this altogether.


Jeroen De Dauw
Don't panic. Don't be evil. ~=[,,_,,]:3