> Wow... I don't know if there's ever been such quick consensus on a topic on this list.

Yes, you have won of badge of some sorts :)

> I'm not even sure what a "global plan" is. :)

Ah, of course you would deny your secret plans to take over the world, and then install SMW everywhere.

> But on the other hand, I think changes to the data structure are likely to happen on a much more frequent basis than changes to the Page Schemas API.

This might be true. However if you look at what is actually happening, nothing of this nature has changed since the introduction of the class.

From an SMW maintenance perspective, it is not nice to have this code in there. And having this "semi dependency" on PS makes things more fuzzy for both users and devs.

A third option is to have a PSSMW extension that depends on both SMW and PS, and contains the code in question. This of course comes with its own set of tradeoffs. Presumably one such extension can be made to hold PS all code for SMW and SMW extensions.


Jeroen De Dauw
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