Thanks a lot for all the great work - I'm sure many people will have use for this :)

> Beginning with SRF 1.8 inline JavaScript is generally discouraged in favour of MW's ResourceLoader

I'd say this has been discouraged since MW 1.17 came out. SMW and SRF are bumping min required MW to 1.17 in their 1.8 versions, so all new JavaScript code should use the Resource Loader. I won't enable any new formats with JS that do not use the resource loader (or will reject the patch).

So if you are developing for SRF 1.8 or later, you can drop all compatibility checks (like there where some in SRF 1.7.x) :)

> ## Unit tests
> SWM 1.7.1 and SRF 1.7.1 and MW 1.18, MW 1.19.0beta

Do you mean that you have tested with these versions, or do you have actual unit tests that pass with these versions?

> A patch will be available for bugzilla later on.

Oh no, another code review todo :)


Jeroen De Dauw
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