Hey Kim,

Great to see you make progress! :)

> would it be ok if i added the code ive written so far to gerrit? so you guys can follow my progress line by line? that way you could probably help me better if other issues arise.

Yes, it'd be fantastic if you could push your code to Gerrit - I'd be happy to do some review. However, if the code is unstable or unfinished, as is the case here, it cannot be pushed to master. So you should create your own feature branch and then push to that using "git review nameofyourfeaturebranch". I have not tried this myself, but according to people on wikitech this should work :)

>>  SMWDataItem::TYPE_GEO        => 'smw_coords', // currently created only if Semantic Maps are installed

> You could simply require SM as a prerequisite for your code (temporarily, until SMW does the right thing by default), or you could create the same table as SM.

I think this documentation is out of date. The table is registered in the store like all others, so should always be created, even if SM is not installed. So SM should not be a prerequisite for handling coordinate data, it only holds DataValues, ValueDescriptions and ResultPrinters.

>  This thread is getting into the most comprehensive documentation of SMW internals ever written ;-)

Yeah :D


Jeroen De Dauw
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