> modify the query results to contain only the labels and the numbers

This was actually the first approach I considered and implemented to some extend. However, the query result object is really not made to be used like this, and the ways to get around of this where just to much of a hack, which is why I decided to go with the current approach. Having some more generic mechanism that does not require QPs to care about what post processing is happening at all would be nice, but would require rewriting the query result class or going with some messed up architecture. Either way, it's a bunch of work, which although I agree would be useful, is not something I'm going to take on now. If you or someone else wants to have a go at it, please do, I'll be happy to help review it if needed.

What I implemented should be seen as a way for query printers to support value distribution behaviour without all of them reinventing the wheel, not a generic post processing system.


Jeroen De Dauw
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