My name is Riadh Chtara.I'm Tunisian student.Two years ago I got an excellence scholarship from Tunisian Government to study Engineering In France.
And today, I study in Ecole Centrale de Lyon which is one prestigious engineering school in France.
I love web development .
I know many programming language but one my favorite are JavaScript(with jQuery) and php.
Last year, I made for example a web application called Grimdi Animator<http://www.grimdi.com/animator/> (which is a powerful and amazing tool that allows you to create cool javascript animation for you website without any required programming knowledge. It is very easy and fast. With Grimdi Animator you can also dynamically import data and manipulate XML. You can use Grimdi Animator to make animations,menus, galleries...)
This application has today more than 8000 users in Chrome WebStore.Here is an example of what you could do with it . It is a photo gallery loaded from this XML file 
I'm interested in two idea.The first one is Improving the interplay between Spark and SMW and the second one is Semantic Forms Rules.
I discussed the first idea with  Mr Jeroen De Dauw and Mr Denny Vrandecic, unfortunately none of them of them could be a full mentor( Mr Denny Vrandecic said he could be a co-mentor).So I am looking for a mentor for this idea.If any one want to volunteer please tell me.
I'm also interested in Semantic Forms Rules.Like I said, I know JavaScript and  jquery  very well, the web application I made use basically javascript and jquery.I hve a few question to the mentor  jquery (Mr Stephan Gambke) and I would  like to ask him some questions.

Yours sincerely