Hi James,

Just to clarify: are you saying that the need to support older versions of MediaWiki, and specifically 1.19, makes certain features in SMW impossible? Or are you saying that it just makes adding them more difficult, because of the need to add in a bunch of "if" statements and the like? That's actually a big distinction - I wanted to make sure I understood.


On Mon, Feb 25, 2013 at 6:04 PM, James HK <jamesin.hongkong.1@gmail.com> wrote:

> SMW 1.9 (15/03/2013) -> MW 1.19 (09/02/2012): 1.1 years

On a site note, in two or three occasions when I was adding something
to SMW 1.9 I had to back down because suddenly the approach preferred
didn't work in MW 1.19 (I think it is one hook, two methods when
testing against MW 1.19) which means I had to find a workaround just
to make sure it works with MW 1.19.

This sort of thing drains motivation (at least mine) while doing a
change having the need to dance around a few more blocks just to
satisfy the need of supporting MW 1.19.

> SMW 1.10 (15/08/2013) -> MW 1.19 (09/02/2012): 1.5 years

This proposal would take developers hostage to accommodate MW 1.19 and
negate any possibility to use new classes introduced in MW 1.21
(prominently Content class etc.).

> They should also think about if a bug or feature is important enough to be backported.

Well, if I find something to fix I'll do it for the current master and
anyone who finds the time can make a backport but I'll stopped doing
extra interventions some time ago. This also means that when SMW 1.10
is in master fixes are applied to that master and any other branch has
to find a maintainer if he/she wants to have those fixes applied.

PS: When I started this thread, I thought I ask some tangible
questions about how and why .. but somehow I have the feeling this
discussion is going to be less tangible in its outcome because it is
more about SemanticBundle or SemanticForms than it is about SMW and
LTS. Of course if the discussion is shifting in favour of
SemanticBundle being the main LTS release holder than this is fine as
well but than we should shift the topic as well.


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