Hi Mauricio,

I find that strange - your extension modifies the contents of some page, but when you go to that page, you don't see the new version? That shouldn't ever happen. Or do you mean that, on other pages that *query* that page, or on the category page, that data takes a while to show up?


On Tue, Jan 24, 2012 at 11:33 PM, Mauricio Etchevest <mauricioet@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi everyone!

Im working on a extensio for SMW.

The problem is that my extension add new semantic data to pages. But when I reload the wiki page, the change is not seen quickly. I need to make an edition to see the changes.

For example, if the extension change the category of a wiki page, the next time I visit the page, the category is still the same, so I need to make an edition and save again the page.

Right now I'm doing this:

$resArticle = MediaWiki::articleFromTitle($title);
$valuestring = $resArticle->getContent();
$newvalue = $valuestring . $newAnotation;
$resArticle->doEdit($newvalue, '');

This is the right way of doing that?


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